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Welcome to I.A.M. Medical Bangkok
Welcome to I.A.M. Medical Bangkok. Our team is dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive services to benefit their health and well-being. 
We specialized in personalized integrative cancer therapy and regenerative medicine.

With specialist doctor and professional staff with equipment according to international standard. The clinic can accommodate both Thai and foreigners

Dr.Chomchai Vichitrananda,MD

Associate Professor of Anesthesia from Mahidol University ,Thailand
and Pain Management ,University of Louisville, USA who spends the past
20 years taking care of acute, chronic and cancer related pain syndrome
and palliative care. After seeing the side effects and poor outcome of
standard chemotherapy regimen given as template, one size fit all
regimen . She seeks deeper understanding of cellular basis of cancer
genomics, pathways, epigenetics, proteomics and small molecules.
Inspires by Precision Medicine concepts, she continues her further
collaboration with Dr. Bert Steffan , Molecular Onco diagnostics of
Metavectum GmbH, at DESY Research center, Hamburg,Germany.

Dr. Chomchai continues her study in the field of Advance Genomics at
Stanford University, Sanfrancisco ,USA and completed Integrative
Oncology trainning at Memorial Slone Kettering Cancer Center , New York,
USA and Certificate of Cell therapy from Association of Cell Therapy,

Set up of I.A.M. Clinic is for an open house for application and integration
of Genomic based personalize cancer treatment in combination with
complimentary treatment with additive effects of natural products,
mineral, immune treatments, pain control, relaxation technique, mind-
body, medicine. The goals are to improve survival and quality of life for
cancer patients.

Also, as a pain spepcialist , managing chronic degenarative coditions,
neural damage and many illness with " irreversible" treatment possible.
Dr. Chomchal apply her knowledge of cell therapy for preventive and
treatment in the field of Regenerative medicine, at cellular rlevel of repair
for both chronic disease conditions , antiaging and rejuvination

I.A.M. Medical offers private consultation by appointment only...

Compassionate and UptoDate Practice
Our Team
Dr. Bert Steffan

CEO of Metavectum ,GmbH Institute of Onco - molecular Diagnostics, DESY Research Center ,Hamburg ,Germany
Dr. Primrata Disatiya, MD

Board Certified Dermatologist and Anti-Aging Medicine
Dr. Sithapan Munjupong

Board Certified Anesthesiology and Pain Management
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